Policies and Procedures

Quizlet Guide This guide is for all students in Latin 1, Deutsch I and Deutsch II.

Latin 1 : 2014-2015 Syllabus

Deutsch I : 2014-2015 Syllabus

Deutsch II : 2014-2015 Syllabus

Deutsch III : 2014-2015 Syllabus

Deutsch IV : 2014-2015 Syllabus


How often will there be homework?
You should anticipate getting homework every night. Even if there's no assigned written work, you should be prepared to spend time reviewing your notes.

How often will there be quizzes?
There's an average of about one quiz per week. This includes pop-quizzes. There may be weeks we have no quizzes, and there may be weeks we have two - it depends on how we're moving as a class and on the unit. I will try to quizzes ahead of time (at least a week, only exception is pop quizzes) to give you adequate time to prepare and review.

When will we get our quizzes and projects back?
Quizzes are usually returned and gone over within a week. Essays and projects may take up to two weeks. I will try to return all student work as promptly as possible - I know it's important for you to both know your grade and to get feedback on your work.

How quickly are grades posted in Aspen?
As soon as they're ready, they go up. The only exception is homework: Homework grades will be put in at the *end* of a unit (on quiz day). There will be new grades put in each week - this includes a mix of classwork, homework, quizzes, and participation.

Are is there extra credit?
There are NO extra credit projects or assignments.

How can we contact you?
I check my email, ashley_leonard@hcpss.org, regularly. I will try to respond to any questions, comments, concerns, etc within 48 hours.