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- Vocabulary Practice:
I have put together vocabulary lists that go along with your units. They are divided by class (Deutsch I, II, etc) and by topic (Familie, Tiere, etc). There are different activities for each unit that will help you practice and learn vocabulary.


- Ecce Romani Practice Exercises:
- Whitaker's Words: Online English-Latin ditionary.


- Conjuguemos:
This site offers grammar and vocabulary exercises that go along with our textbook, broken down by chapter and section.

This is an excellent online German-English dictionary, which also includes sound files to help with pronunciation. There are also forums where you can post questions you have about specific uses or words that don't appear in the dictionary. If you know other languages, there are also German-French, German-Italian, German-Spanish and German-Chinese dictionaries included.

- Beolingus:
This is an alternate online German-English dictionary that is also quite useful. It has German-English, German-Spanish and German-Portuguese dictionaries.

- Free Dictionary:
Online German dictionary that gives definitions in German.

- Deutscher Worschatz:
This is an online German dictionary. While it doesn't provide definitions of words, it provides information on the forms (verb forms, noun plurals, etc.) and gives example sentences. It also shows other German words that it's related to.

- German news:

Links for Deutsch I
Die Familie
Family Tree Game:

School Supplies
Practice Quiz for School Supplies:
School Supplies Activities:

Accusative Case
Practice Quiz for Direct Objects:

Future Tense
Future Tense Practice:

Colors auf Deutsch (with audio):

Links for Deutsch II
Body Parts
Practice Activities:
Word Search:
Expressing Pain in German:
Body Parts Games:

Links for Deutsch III
Practice Quiz - Tiere:
Practice Quiz - Tiergeräusche:

Genitive Case
Practice Genitive Quiz:

Deutsche Rezepte:

Question Words
Practice Question Words Quiz:
Second Question Words Quiz:

Der Words
Der Words:

Links for Deutsch IV
Verb Tenses
Verb Tense Practice:

Infinitive Expressions
Infinitives Practice Quizzes (um, ohne, anstatt):
Infinitives Review:
- (answers)

Konjunktiv oder Indikativ:
Was würde Emeril Lagasse machen?:
Konjunktiv und Märchen:
Richtig oder falsch?:


- Discovering French Nouveau!:
This is the website for the textbook used in class. There are online exercises and quizzes to help practice vocabulary and grammar from current and previous lessons.

- Word Reference:
This is an online English-French // French-English dictionary.